Kick off the New Year at our Winter Workshop!


We invite you to attend our Gallatin 4-H Winter Workshop on

Saturday, January 6th, 2024 from 8:45am-1pm.


We encourage ALL Gallatin 4-H youth members, adults and certified volunteers (both new and returning) to attend. Our 4-H ULC committee aims to provide county-wide workshops on varying topics throughout the year to serve as growth and development opportunities for those engaged in our program. 


**Please note: Workshop timeframe has been slightly expanded to accommodate guest speaker presentations and to offer some exciting new hands-on activities! See the attached UPDATED 3-page flyer for workshop descriptions and agendas. Youth and Adult/Volunteer workshop sessions will run simultaneously in separate rooms – there’s something for everyone, so bring the whole 4-H family!


RSVP here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C084DA9A92AABFE3-46316186-4hwinter

  • Snacks, refreshments and a light lunch will be provided. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can plan for food and print materials.


What:Winter Workshop” 4-H Training

When: Saturday, January 6th from 8:45am-1pm

Where: Animal Bioscience Building 1st floor (MSU Campus)

Details: Flyer/Agenda below

This will be a hands-on training, so there will not be a virtual option offered.

**Starting January 1st, another per month late fee ($5) will be added to ALL enrollments. 
Enrollment for the 2023-2024 4-H Year opened back on October 1st. Re-enrolling members and volunteers SHOULD have been enrolled by Oct. 31st and starting November 1st, a per month late fee is added to the enrollment fee.
NEW members technically have until March 1st to enroll in Gallatin 4-H, however many clubs and projects began meeting in late/October and early November, and some have enrollment caps so get enrolled ASAP!
ALL members and volunteers need to be enrolled and paid to be considered 
"Active" and be allowed to participate in 4-H youth meetings/events/activities and covered under our 4-H liability insurance.
Earn Money for your 4-H Project or Club

We have the AMAZING opportunity to continue to work MSU Concessions and this has become a GREAT way to fundraise money for 4-H club/project activities!


What does this entail?

All food is made and prepped by MSU Culinary/Concessions staff, 4-H just simply sells and serves it out of one of the concessions stands. This is a super easy, fun and quick way to make money for your Clubs/Projects and gain some skills in the service industry! No experience necessary!


 Please see the UPDATED link below for upcoming Fundraising concessions events at MSU! We frequently commit to events throughout the year as they arise and update the SignUp Genius accordingly.


Winter/Spring Fundraising Events: 



During the 2022-2023 4-H Year, 4-H Clubs/Projects earned over $23,000 total working at MSU Concession events!! If club/project members sign up for an event as a group, your club/project will get ALL the tips and profits from that event. If multiple projects/clubs sign up for the same event, then the tips and profits will be split between the groups. So, we highly encourage you to gather up your members, pick a game/event that your club/project will work as one group to maximize the amount of money you will earn!


Depending on the event, the day/time/hours will vary and depending on our concessions stand location, the number of people we will need per game will vary. We will need a combination of youths (minimum age of 10 with parent accompaniment) and adults.

We have THREE upcoming County Events in February. ALL 4-H members are highly encouraged to participate, but not required.
See the flyers below for 2024 contest details and registration links!! 
Please note: contest timeslots are subject to change based on number of registrations received.
Better Batter Baking Contest
When: Saturday, February 10th, 2024 (morning)
Register via ZSuite by January 25th by 5pm: https://4h.zsuite.org/event-registrations/24682  
Where: Herrick Hall, Room #120, MSU Campus 
What: The Baking Contest is an opportunity for 4-H youth members to prepare an appealing, scrumptious baked good using food safe techniques and present their dish to a panel of judges for tasting.
Why participate? Members become more confident, practice food preparation skills, and discover where they can improve their baking. Contest winners that are 8-13 can earn money towards a trip to our 4-H Summer Camp and those 14+ can earn money towards a trip to Montana State 4-H Congress. 
Participants compete by age division: Ages 8-10 (Junior Division), Ages 11-13 (Intermediate Division), and Ages 14+ (Senior Division). Cloverbuds (ages 5-7) are not permitted to participate in this contest due to safety concerns.   
Stir-Ups Cooking Contest
When: Saturday, February 10th, 2024 (afternoon/evening)
Register via ZSuite by January 25th by 5pm: https://4h.zsuite.org/event-registrations/24683 
Where: Herrick Hall, Room #120, MSU Campus 
What: Stir Ups is an opportunity for 4-H youth members to prepare an appealing, nutritious meal using food safe techniques and present their dish to a panel of judges for tasting.
Why participate? Members become more confident, practice food preparation skills, and discover where they can improve. Contest winners that are 8-13 can earn money towards a trip to our 4-H Summer Camp and those 14+ can earn money towards a trip to Montana State 4-H Congress. 
Participants compete by age division: Ages 8-10 (Junior Division), Ages 11-13 (Intermediate Division), and Ages 14+ (Senior Division). Cloverbuds (ages 5-7) are not permitted to participate in this contest due to safety concerns.  
Communications Day Contests
When: Saturday, February 24th, 2024 (timeslots all day)
Register via ZSuite by February 1st by 5pm: https://4h.zsuite.org/event-registrations/24684 
Where: Animal Bioscience Building, MSU Campus
What: Communication Day is an opportunity for 4-H youth members (ages 5-18) to present a topic of their choice to a panel of adult judges. Contest winners that are 8-13 can earn money towards a trip to our 4-H Summer Camp and those 14+ can earn money towards a trip to Montana State 4-H Congress. 
Why participate? The experience 4-H youth members receive from this event is tremendous. They become more confident, learn communication skills, and discover where they can improve.


Participants compete by age division and within categories. Ages 5-7 (Cloverbud Division), Ages 8-10 (Junior Division), Ages 11-13 (Intermediate Division), and Ages 14+ (Senior Division).


Communication Day Contest Categories:

- Demonstration or Illustrated Talk (Individual or Team)

- Speech (Prepared or Impromptu)

- Career Communication (Mock Job Interview)

- Video (Individual or Team)

- Promotional Package (Ind. or Team)

- Commercial (Ind. or Team)

It's Scholarship Season Seniors! 
Scholarship applications and details can be found on our website here: 4-H Scholarships - Gallatin County Extension | Montana State University 
Upcoming Scholarship Deadline Reminders:
  • Montana 4-H Foundation State Scholarships: Due by February 14, 2024 Scholarships - MONTANA 4-H FOUNDATION (mt4hfoundation.org).Please make sure to read each individual scholarship requirements. All applicants are required to have 2 letters of recommendation and a copy of your most recent transcript.   
  • Gallatin Cattlewomen Scholarship: Due February 15, 2024
  • Gallatin County 4-H Foundation Scholarships: Due by April 1, 2024
  • Kay Jensen 4-H Memorial Scholarship: Due by May 1, 2024

"GOING FOR GREEN" in April at Montana 4-H Rec Lab


Teens: Mark your calendars for the 2024 Rec Lab event!

April 19-21, 2024 in Boulder, MT (Molly will be chaperoning!)


What is Rec Lab? It sounds like a funny name for a 4-H event. Rec Lab stands for Recreation Lab and means that everything is hands-on and fun!


This event is a 4-H member favorite: It provides an opportunity for youth and adults to enhance their leadership, communication, and team building skills in an action-packed and interactive setting. Rec Lab programming provides participants with tips and tricks for being a better club, camp, and community leader.


This event is ideal for younger senior members to attend as a first-time state event. It allows them to form relationships with 4-H peers from across the state, broaden their skills, and widen their network.  


Registration will be through Zsuite beginning in February. The cost will be around $100 to $125 per person. Participants will have the opportunity to pick from a list of workshops during registration. Please SAVE the DATE and GO FOR GREEN in 2024! Talk to your 4-H friends about attending this great event!

Y outh participants must be 13+ as of October 1.


Chaperones Needed

We are looking to take a LARGE group of teens to this fun state event. With the event being so close to Gallatin, Molly is looking for more certified volunteers to help chaperone! If available to help drive, stay the weekend at the event, or a combo of the two, please email Molly. Adult chaperones must be as least 21 years of age.

SAVE THE DATES: 2024 Gallatin 4-H Summer Camp


Giving a little sneak peek of the 2024 4-H Summer Camp theme...


Keep an eye out for more information on our upcoming 4-H Summer Camp! We are planning to launch registration in May.


When: August 11 - August 14, 2024

Where: Yellowstone Alliance Adventures

Youth Campers: ages 8-13 (as of Oct. 1, 2023)


Camp is held during the summer and campers age 8 to 13 are encouraged to attend. Teens who apply and are selected, plan the camp program and serve the Camp as Counselors. They work under the guidance of Camp Directors and 4-H Extension Agent, and they learn valuable leadership and team building skills. 


4-H Camp is a fun, educational experience that provides:

  • Educational Opportunities
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Independence
  • Belonging
In 2024 we will again be having camp at Yellowstone Alliance Adventures. This is an amazing facility, and we are certain it will be a great week. Our counselors are busy planning educational workshops and experiences to keep your kids busy at the 4-H Summer Camp. Campers will love the zip line, themed workshops, giant slip n' slide, community service project and much more! 
Camp registration will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Preference will be given to active 4-H members, but our Summer Camp welcomes non-4H members as well! 
CALENDAR                                                             back to top 
The 4-H Year at a Glance - 2023-2024 4-H Annual Calendar HERE





JANUARY 1   County Contest Registration OPENS


JANUARY 2   ULC Meeting/Annual Foundation Meeting


JANUARY 3  MSU Concessions Basketball Game Fundraiser (see post above)


JANUARY 6  " Winter Workshop" Youth and Volunteer Training (see post above)


JANUARY 11  MSU Concessions Basketball Game Fundraiser (see post above)


JANUARY 22 MSU Concessions Basketball Game Fundraiser (see post above)


JANUARY 23  Newsletter Blurbs DUE


JANUARY 25  Better Batter Baking & Stir-Ups Cooking County Contest Registration DUE



FEBRUARY 1    Communications Day County Contest Registration DUE

FEBRUARY 10  Better Batter Baking & Stir-Ups Cooking Contests

FEBRUARY 14  State 4-H Scholarships DUE (current graduating seniors)

FEBRUARY 24  Communications Day Contest 

FEBRUARY 28  County Contest Awards Nights



See January Committee, Club and Project updates in sections below.


Join our BAND app group: Gallatin County 4-H
Never miss important updates from the Gallatin County 4-H Office! 
Download the BAND app today and either scan the QR code or search "Gallatin County 4-H" subscribe to join our group. Meetings, fundraisers and deadlines can all be found here! 
You must opt-in, we will not add you and can choose to opt-out at a later date if needed. 
COMMITTEES                                                      back to top



ULC meets the first Tuesday of every month, with our next meeting on 

January 2nd at 6pm at the Extension Office.


The ULC met on December 5th for the final time in 2023. We reviewed Goals that we set for our Program and we can use all of the help and ideas of our member families.  


Short Term:

1) Implement the 4-H Mission & Values into a fresh list of activities

2) Grow our Indoor Projects with improved fair planning and conducting an orientation for members in projects without leaders

3) Assist Shooting Sports Parent Volunteers to help administer the programs.  


Medium Term:

1) Get ourselves a positioned to best utilize the monies tied to Gallatin County 4-H

2) Increase Chaperone recruitment for events

3) Increase Volunteer recruitment

4) Form a formalized non-ag project committee.  


Long Term:

1) Monitor options for a 4-H Building

2) Get 4-H into every community in Gallatin County

3) Form a shooting sports project committee 4) evaluate a possible merge between ULC and Gallatin 4-H Foundation.  


One of our fresh ideas for Short Term Goals #1 was to bring some fresh training topics to our January 6th Leader and Member Training as well as plan to offer a CPR course our members and leaders. We will also be preparing to host Communications Day and the Stir-Ups and Better Batter Baking Contests in February. More information on all of this in this newsletter.  


We are looking forward to 2024 and all of the great opportunities that it will bring our 4-H Members and their families. We would love for you to join us in brainstorming, planning and facilitating any of these and future activities. You do not have to be a member of ULC, just helping minds and hands! 


Happy Near Year to our 4-H Family!!!! 


Current Committee: Aaron Pruitt, Kelly Pavlik, Toni Berger, Tamara Knappenberger, Monika Johnson, Laura Fisher, Joey Knappenberger, Tiffany Togstad, Randy Radke, Erica Hastings (Youth), Bonnie Radke (Youth) & Nicole Reeves (Youth). 

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, January 16th at 6pm at the Extension Office.
In November, MLC formed a temporary subcommittee to review and clarify our current champion/animal unit rules for our market animals. In addition to the rule revision, 2024 fair planning is in full swing. The committee is working on adjustments to the fair schedule, market sale buyers BBQ, concessions stand and barn layouts. Our next meeting will be fully focused on setting our fair schedule. Stay tuned!
The subcommittee presented their draft revisions to the entire MLC committee on November 20th and the revised approved rule is below:
"Exhibitors must register for and participate in a Showmanship Class and Educational Poster or Knowledge Test (depends on the species) at the Fair.
For Market Animal Projects:
Animals must be exhibited in a Market Class to be eligible to sell.
Exhibitors are limited to selling 2-animal units. *Please refer to species specific project rules as some projects restrict animal units for first year members.
  • 1 beef = 2 animal units
  • 1 sheep = 1 animal unit
  • 1 swine = 1 animal unit
  • 1 goat = 1 animal unit
  • 1 pen of rabbits = 3 rabbits = 1 animal unit
  • 1 pen of poultry = 3 poultry = 1 animal unit
Champions and Reserve Champions must sell unless they exceed the 2-animal unit limit for exhibitors in the Market Sale. The Market Sale is intended to be a terminal sale. Animals selling through the Market Sale must be declared by 6PM on Wednesday of fair week."
The next Gallatin 4-H Foundation meeting will be held January 2nd at 6pm at the Extension Office in conjunction with ULC for our Annual Business Meeting. We plan to vote on our 2023-2024 budget, discuss future events, and finalize our 2024 scholarship application for graduating seniors. 
This committee fundraises for higher education scholarships and new clubs and projects. 
CLUBS                                                            back to top
Bozeman Area Clubs

Dag Nabids Club


Meetings take place the second to last Tuesday of each month (due to room availability). 


Happy New Year! 

This past month, Dag Nabids brought music, caroling and some spectacular holiday cheer to Brookdale Spring Meadows. We also had a white elephant gift exchange. Meetings take place the second to last Tuesday of each month. If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can pay in ZSuite or online.


Exciting upcoming events and meetings:

January 21, 2:00-4:00pm- Tubing at Yellowstone Adventure Alliance


January 23, 6:00-7:15pm- Monthly meeting, MSU Animal Bioscience Building Room 145


Questions, please call or text:

Belinda Nash 406-570-5585 or

Monika Johnson 406-579-3211

Hyalite Hawks Club


Contact leader for meeting dates, times and locations.


Hyalite Hawks will be meeting at Anderson School on Wednesday, January 24th at 6:30 —We will be making dog toys for the animal shelter!


For any questions, please contact

Jen Wold: jenmariewold@hotmail.com



Four Corners/Gallatin Gateway Area Clubs
Gateway Challengers Club


Meetings take place the second Monday of each month at the Gallatin Gateway Community Center (145 Mill St., Gateway) from 6:30- 8:00 p.m.


Our next meeting will be Monday, January 8th, 2023, at the Gateway Community Center, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.


For any questions, please contact

Jessica Black



Belgrade Area Clubs
Belgrade Pioneers Club
Meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month at 6:00pm at WB Ranch in Belgrade.


The Belgrade Pioneers met on December 7, 2023, at the WB Ranch for the December meeting.  The members enjoyed the Christmas party where they made Christmas cards for the local nursing home members.  We also played "Ship shore" and Christmas decoration games during the party.  The last event for the members was making borax crystal ornaments.  Wrapping up the party included the white elephant gift exchange where members received very fun gifts!  


The January meeting will be held January 4, 2023, at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds with the meal theme being "pizza".  Other upcoming activities include attending the 4-H winter workshop on January 6, 2024, and going to the Museum of the Rockies on February 3, 2024.


- Reported by Jake Oostema (2023-2024 Belgrade Pioneers Club Reporter)


Do you want more information? Please contact Shelly McPhee at ksmcphee0315@gmail.com or 406-595-4774.

Divine Mercy Academy Club
*School Enrichment Program/Club
Contact leader for meeting dates, times and locations. 

Divine Mercy Academy 4-H Club FUNdraising. The DMA 4-H club kicked off its 2023-2024 year wrapping Christmas gifts. Club members volunteered to wrap gifts at Murdochs on Black Friday. It was really fun and all the club members who participated enjoyed it. It was a great opportunity to practice our public speaking skills and to promote 4-H in the community!


New Officer Elections

On Sunday Nov. 5 the DMA 4H club elected new officers for the year:

President - Emma Mitchell             

Vice President- Madeline LeGore             

Secretary- Edith LaLiberty         

Treasurer - Hailey MacDonald                   

Historian - Isabella Roman                        

Recreational Leader - Josie Casto           

Reporter - Lucia Roman               


Our next meeting will be held at the Divine Mercy Academy cafeteria January 12 @ 6pm. Pizza dinner will be provided! We will be discussing upcoming presentations for the Communications Day Contests that will take place on Feb. 24. Please also bring your record books.


For any questions, please contact Leaders Ashley Casto or Tia Mitchell:


Pass Creek Club


Meetings take place on the first Sunday of each month at 4:00pm at Springhill Church.


Thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraiser and shopped for our adopted family!! Be watching your email for meeting updates. 


For any questions, please contact Cassie Smieja: smiejahay@latmt.com


Saddle Stars Club


Club meetings take place the second Monday of each month, at 6:00 pm at the Bridge Church in Belgrade. 


Our next club meeting will be Monday, January 8th at 6pm at the Bridge Church. 


Contact our club leader, Tamara Knappenberger for more information.

Email: Saddlestars4h@gmail.com 

Facebook: @SaddleStars4H

Website: https://saddlestars4hclub.webs.com

Tamara: tkknappenberger@yahoo.com   (307) 214-8336 

Shining Mountaineers Club


Meetings take place on the first Monday of each month from 6:00-8:00pm at the River Rock Nazarene Church. 


Our December meeting was a Christmas potluck with cookie decorating and a pin the nose on the reindeer game. During this months meeting we decided that our fundraising project will be working MSU Consessions during games and our community project will be helping the senior center take down their Christmas decorations. We also voted on having our members present their communications projects during the January and February meetings for feedback.


Our next activity will be a club meeting at 6:00pm January 8th at the Nazarene Church in Belgrade. We also voted to have a club ice skating party at Haynes Pavilion on January 13 from 12-1:30pm.


For information about Shining Mountaineers Club please contact Laura Andren 406.579.9389 shiningmountaineers@gmail.com 

Manhattan Area Clubs

Dry Creek Teens Club


Meetings take place on the first Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the Bridge Church in Manhattan.


December's Club Meeting was short & sweet: we voted on a budget for our Ice Skating Party on Dec 30th, talked about upcoming Communications Day as well as the Stir Ups and Baking competitions. After the meeting everyone crafted gifts for the Senior Center’s Meals on Wheels patrons! 


Join us at the Dry Creek 4-H Club’s monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 2nd at 3:00pm (meeting moved due to New Year's)!



If you have questions, please contact Kelly Pavlik 406-600-1016 or via email kelly.pavlik@barnard-inc.com

Gallatin Valley Livestock Club


We are excited to announce this Club will have a new leader! As Jen Scott's children have graduated our program,

4-H parent Jeff Sposito will take over as Club Leader! Stay tuned for more information. 


Manhattan Clever Clovers Club


Meetings take place on the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the Bridge Church in Manhattan.


Our December Club meeting was a fun group of kiddos and parents! We talked about the upcoming Communications Day as well as Stir-Ups and Baking competitions that are happening in February! We broke into groups and played a public speaking game with Imaginary Animals 🐹🦄. Lastly, we made some sweet Christmas Stockings for some Senior Citizens 🧦🎄 


Join us at the Manhattan Clever Clovers Club’s monthly meeting on Monday, January 8th at 6:00pm! Our experienced members will be giving their demonstrations and illustrated talks after our business meeting.


If you have questions, please contact Kelly Pavlik 406-600-1016 or via email kelly.pavlik@barnard-inc.com

Manhattan Livestock Club


Contact leader for meeting dates, times and locations.


This Club is NOW FULL and is no longer taking new enrollments.


For any questions, please contact Melanie Duffin: rmduffin3@gmail.com


Three Forks Area Clubs
Clarkston Mustangs Club


Contact leader for meeting dates, times and locations. 


For any questions, please contact Cassandra Mitchell:




Willow Creek Wranglers Club


Meetings take place on the second Monday or Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at Three Forks School.


For any questions, please contact Sam Cavin at 599-8288 sjcavin@msn.com

Member At Large

New to 4-H? Not sure what club fits your style? Register for your projects under

“Member at Large” when completing your 4-H Enrollment Clubs page on ZSuite.


Participating in a specific 4-H club is not a requirement to participate in 4-H projects, but clubs provide members a great opportunity to get more involved with their communities, leaders, and group activities.


We encourage members to join one of our clubs listed above!

PROJECTS                                                    back to top
2023-2024 4-H Projects
(listed alphabetically)
AMBASSADORS / TEEN LEADERSHIP **new leader this year!


Recap of December Meetings:

  • At the December Leadership Academy we learned some new brainstorming techniques that we can utilize in our own meetings or in our clubs as leaders. At our regular meeting we explored qualities of effective leadership, set S.M.A.R.T goals and group agreements for the year, reflected on our personal strengths and challenges as leaders, and engaged in holiday-themed team building games.Thank you for such a fun and productive Holiday Party meeting! 


Looking ahead to January: 

  • Leadership Academy Workshops (2nd Sunday of each month from 2:30pm-4pm).  L ight snacks will be provided at these workshops.
    • Sunday, January 14, 2024:  Fake It Till You Make It @ the 4-H Extension Office (Bozeman)
    • February 11, 2024: Tools for Facilitation
    • March 10, 2024: Authenticity & Self Awareness


  • Next regular Teen Leadership Project Meeting will be Monday, January 22nd from 6pm-8pm at our 4-H Extension Office
    • Focus: Mapping Good Communication/Career Communications
    • Food for thought: what soft skills and technical skills do you possess?


Teens & Parents – Subscribe to our Teen Leadership (DLE – Developing Leadership Excellence) BAND Group: https://band.us/n/a7af96P2bcUb7



If you have any questions, please contact leader, 4-H Agent Molly Yurdana

molly.yurdana@montana.edu or text 530-613-9908

BAKING  **new leaders this year!


This project is NOW FULL and is no longer taking new enrollments.


We will meet at the MSU Food Lab, Herrick Hall Room #120, located on S. 7th Avenue on the 1st Monday of each month at 6 PM. Please be watching for an email reminder each month. 


**Please bring a 1/2” to 1” 3 ring binder to store your baking project recipes in (that will be provided)


Put these dates on your calendar for future meetings:

1/8/24 (note the first Monday of January is 1/1 so we will meet on 1/8)






❤️❤️ The baking project is going to do a “Valentines Day  Double Chocolate Toffee Cookie” kit fundraiser. Orders will be taken in January and delivered in February. Ask a baking project member if interested in a kit. 


If you have any questions, please contact Erin at (ehagmeier@gmail.com email) or text 406-461-7205 


Project Leaders:

Erin Neil

Katie Taylor 

Krista Pancich




Hi Beef Families - we hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year! 


This is the reminder that the 2024 Market Beef Weigh-in and Tagging is coming up: 

DATE: JANUARY 7TH BEGINNING AT 11:00am (Weigh-In Schedule that was sent 12/19 is attached below)
LOCATION: VELTKAMP FEEDLOT - 11526 GRAVEL PIT ROAD, MANHATTAN https://maps.app.goo.gl/iqSacYng5KFuKYTi6 


ALL Market Beef MUST BE TAGGED ON THIS DAY to be eligible for the 2024 Fair & Market Sale. 

You may tag up to 5 Market Beef, but only 2 may be entered for fair.   
You will have to BRING FOUR THINGS:

  • COOL Form - check your email for attachment
  • BEEF Contract - check your email for attachment
  • Bill of Sale OR Brand Inspection - YOUR RESPONSIBILITY (A Brand Inspector will be there)
  • $3 Cash

Lastly, the Gallatin Co. 4-H/FFA Market Livestock Contracts MUST BE SIGNED ONLINE BEFORE noon 1/5/24 OR you MUST BRING A HARD COPY TO THE WEIGH IN. https://na3.docusign.net/Member/PowerFormSigning.aspx?PowerFormId=2cfa1f27-55db-4559-8cda-2f8de2dc491f&env=na3&acct=960f6090-f7cb-40a6-adf5-0490f456d6eb&v=2 

All of this paperwork is required before you unload! 
Please have your steers on rope halters.You will need to be able to lead them off of the trailer and tie them safely to the scale to be tagged. Again, DO NOT UNLOAD until you have checked in with a leader and completed all paperwork.   


Upcoming Workshops:

  • January 7 : MANDATORY tagging and weigh-in
  • January (TBA): Health & wellness by Dr. Nick Johnson
  • February (TBA): Record books and project Q&A
  • March (TBA): Carcass workshop
  • April 14 : MANDATORY weigh-in & safe handling
  • May (TBA): Fitting & Clipping workshop
  • June (TBA): Pre-Fair workshop
  • July 16th – 21st: Big Sky Country State Fair

Please contact any Beef Project Leader with any questions. 

We look forward to seeing you and your projects!


Beef Committee:


ANNABEL MORGAN   406-580-9003
MELANIE DUFFIN   406-209-1978
SETH HALVERSON   406-209-1178
KELLY PAVLIK   406-600-1016
CRAIG DEBOER   406-570-3304


CAKE DECORATING  **new leader this year!


This project is NOW FULL and is no longer taking new enrollments.


Our next meeting will be Thursday, January 4th at 4:45pm in the Gallatin 4-H office on the fairgrounds. 


Questions? Contact new leader Lacey Norstrand at laceynhans@gmail.com 

4-H Summer Camp will be August 11th - August 14th, 2024 at Yellowstone Alliance Adventures!
(Drumroll please...)
The 2024 4-H Summer Camp theme is:
"Legends of the Sea"
  • Next Camp Counselor Business Meeting = Tuesday, January 9th 6:30-8:30pm @ the 4-H Extension Office. We will form our camp committees and decide on workshop ideas!
    • BRING your best workshop ideas that fit our theme to the January 9th Business Meeting (we encourage you to google/Pinterest to find workshop/activity ideas – get creative!!)
  • First team bonding/social activity of the year = MOVIE NIGHT @ the Extension Office Saturday, January 20th 6:30pm – approx. 9:30pm
    • Wear your pajamas/comfy lounge clothes, bring blankets, pillows, etc.
    • We will watch a movie (to be voted on at the 01/09 meeting) & we will provide root beer floats, candy and popcorn!
  • The Camp Directors have been BUSY working on setting the meeting, recreation and fundraising schedule for the year so you can plan your winter/spring – see the 2023-2024 Camp Counselor Meeting Schedule below and ADD THE DATES TO YOUR CALENDARS!!
If you haven’t already, please have members and parents join our Camp Counselor BAND group for the year: https://band.us/n/aaaf96P3A5h8o. We will post meeting reminders, polls and other information here frequently.


**If you will not be able to attend a Counselor meeting, you must let the Office or one of the Directors know. Happy Holidays and see you in January! 🎄❄⛄


Sincerely your Camp Directors,

Molly Yurdana (4-H Agent)

Tiffany Togstad (Camp Co-Director)

Amy Juliano (Camp Co-Director)

CAT  **new project this year!


Watch your email for updates!!



Julie Oghigian

Gallatin County 4-H Cat Project 

Cell (text is good too)- 714-206-4636




The Cloverbud program is designed for youth ages 5-7 (age as of Oct. 1) and strives to develop age-appropriate skills and abilities by giving these young members the opportunity to explore various topics and activities in 4-H before becoming a regular youth member.


**This project will be capped at 50 Cloverbuds. Enroll ASAP if you want to take advantage of this program!


Cloverbud Project meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of the month. We meet from 5:30-6:30ish once a month from November to June at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds (exhibit building TBD). You will receive an email a few days ahead of time with the exact building at the fairgrounds and a few supplies that you may need to bring. 


In December we “jumped” into sport fishing. 🎣 We learned about fish species, fish population numbers and habitat from Michelle at FWP. We studied live and artificial bait, and got to make our own “lures and rods” to catch lovely “rainbow trout”. 


If you have questions please email Erin Neil at ehagmeier@gmail.com or 406-431-7205.



Happy New Year 2024!!  We had to cancel our December meeting due to the head chef coming down with a head cold... no cooties in the kitchen!  We will try to plan a makeup meeting as soon as the kitchen manager returns from holiday break, so stay tuned.


Our next meeting is scheduled for January 16th, 6 - 8:30 pm, at the MSU food lab, room #120 in Herrick Hall, located on S. 7th Avenue off of W. Cleveland.  If you aren't familiar with the MSU campus and need details on how to get there, then call or text me and I can explain in detail.  You will receive a Signup Genius email before the meeting to sign up.  Please RSVP so that we can plan accordingly.  Hope to see you all there!


Other upcoming meetings:


2/13/24, 3/12/24. 4/16/24, 5/21/24


Please text or email Stephanie Lively with any questions.





Join us for the dairy project kickoff Monday, January 8, 6:30pm at the 4-H Extension Office. Bring your record books, pencil and be ready to have fun!


Questions? Contact leaders Shawna Oostema (406) 580-7819 or Cassie Smieja (406) 539-3833.



This project is NOW FULL and is no longer taking new enrollments.


Happy New Year everyone!!! We have two workshop options in January. We will be touring Bridger Animal Nutrition, 501 Evergreen Dr, on Saturday, January 6 and on Saturday, January 20 from 10:00 - 11:00ish.  We still have room on both days for more members to join us. I am looking forward to learning new information from Kris and touring the facility!


If you joined us last month at Montana Murray Kennels be sure to put that down in your record books.  Ron was full of entertainment and information, as usual, and I hope you all took some useful information away from his presentation and tour! Now is a great time to start working on your project books (Wiggles and Wags book)! All members must complete 7 activities to compete at the fair. If you don't have your book yet, stop by the 4-H office and pick it up.


You also need to have a current Rabies vaccination before bringing your dog to class. Check your records and make those appointments if they are needed. Distemper and kennel cough vaccines are not required but they are highly recommended. **If you have not finished enrollment, get that done as soon as possible! You are technically not allowed to participate in any meetings or workshops until that is complete.


February- I am still working with the animal shelter to set up a tour so when I have that date, I will let you know. Due to class size restrictions, we may need to do a couple different days there as well.


March- We are hoping to tour another veterinary clinic this year and I will let you know that date as soon as we have it scheduled.


Our MANDATORY orientation class (NO DOGS) will be held on Wednesday, April 3 @ 4:30 at Montana Murray Kennels (address above).  I will go over class and fair requirements, rules and expectations on this day.  


Our first class with dogs will be the following Wednesday, April 10.  Due to the high number of members and limited space we will run two classes, probably through May, with one class running from 4:00-4:45 and the second class running from 5:00-5:45.  We will combine both classes when we can go outside!  I will ask you to sign up for one class or the other at orientation and if you can do either, I will place your duo in the smaller class. I had to implement it last year and I am doing it again this year, please no parents at class unless you have extenuating circumstances. 


As always, please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Shawnna Taylor (406) 599-0869




Hi Everyone, this is Jen your leader for the 2024 Dog Agility! I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. 


Our next tour will be held in January at Bridger Animal Nutrition. Please let Jen know if you are wanting to attend this one and if 1/6 or 1/20 works better for you so that we can finalize this tour.


We will be starting our regular meetings the beginning of April 2024 which will be held on Tuesdays at 4:30pm to accommodate all school districts release times. I also want to make sure that everyone is completely enrolled so that you are listed as 'Active' as you cannot participate in our tours or meetings until you are.

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know! 


If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call at 406.388.4789 or email at facility@montanamurraykennels.com.


Happy New Year!

Looking forward to seeing everyone soon and getting the project up and running!


Our upcoming meeting/workshop dates are :


Orientation Meeting:

Thursday, January 11, 2024 @ 6:00pm at the 4-H office


February 18 (location/time TBA) - Guest Speaker Emma 

She will be covering, udder care, feeding, lactation


Questions? Contact a Dairy Goat Leader:

Cassy Mitchell 406-223-0146

Leah' Macdonald 406-220-3556 



Happy New year! Hope everyone had a great holiday. I will be sending out an email with our next meeting location/ time TBD by the 1st of January. This meeting we will be going over an outline for the year, market goat contracts (separate from your livestock contract), record books, etc. If you haven't already, please make sure your enrollment fees are paid, otherwise you cannot attend any meetings.  If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me or other members on our market goat committee.  Excited to start the new year!!


If you are planning to exhibit/sell an animal at the county fair this summer, please review and sign the MANDATORY 2023-2024 Gallatin County Livestock Contract. This contract explains the workshop requirements, animal possession deadlines, expectations and other important information.This contract is due by the possession date, May 5th, for the Market Goat Project.


Sign Contract Here:



Questions? Contact a Market Goat Leader:

Gena Johnson (406) 599-5920

Aimee Henry (406) 548-1031

Wendy (406) 600-9662

HORSELESS HORSE  **new leader this year!


 Big fun was had at our December meeting with a hot chocolate bar, an ornament exchange,  relay races, and a bit of learning! Thanks to the parents that fearlessly jumped in with their math skills as we learned to calculate our height in inches into horse height in "hands".


Our January meeting will be held at the Silver Spur Arena on Saturday January 20th at 10am. We will be learning more about reading horse body language and liberty training. You won't want to "trail" behind and miss out on this demonstration! 


Questions? Contact new leader Sarah Capp at (406) 539-4386 or scapp9999@hotmail.com



The Horse Project is in full swing!  Our first clinic went great! If you missed the December Coggins clinic, you will have another opportunity in January. 



  • New this year, you must attend 3 clinics to participate in the fair. *Remember each project also has specific requirements to participate in the fair. 
  • Please review WRH changes here:  WRH REQUIREMENTS
  • All the main horsemanship clinics will be held at the MSU Bob Miller Pavilion. To attend clinics at the pavilion, each horse will need a coggins within 1 year and flu/rhino within 6 months. If we use the arena anytime from June through September, EEE, WEE and WNV (6 way) will also be required. 
  • Please email proof of vaccines and coggins for each project horse to the committee at gc4hhorse@gmail.com. Please put member's "last name" and either "23 Fall Vaccines" or  "23 Fall Coggins" (depending on what you're sending) in the subject line. EX- Smith 23 Fall Vaccines 
  • Paperwork- Thanks to all of you that have gotten your paperwork signed and submitted. For those of you who need to finish your paperwork, please fill out these forms ASAP! Signing the Receipt of the Horse Policy Manual and the Helmet Policy are required for all members before participation. Look here! 2023/24 Important Links 


- Clinics 🗓

We are planning some great clinics this year. You can check the calendar here. Be sure to check back often for new additions and possible date changes. Sign up for each clinic atleast 2 days in advance so leaders can plan and alert attendees of changes!

-Volunteer Opportunities: We need lots of parent help at clinics and for Fair. On each clinic sign-up, parents can also sign up to help! Let us know! Volunteer Opportunities


* Look for the monthly email from the horse committee. If you don't receive the email, please let us know by emailing us at gc4hhorse@gmail.com.


Call Jessie Sheperd for more information!

Jessie Sheperd- Twister Coach 352-304-1648  jlsheperd@gmail.com

This project is NOW FULL and is no longer taking new enrollments.


Hello knitters and crocheters!!



    6 -   Cancelled due to the 4-H Winter Workshop! Moved to the 13th!

    13 -  Belgrade Library Community Room 10:00-12:00

    20 - The Springs Bozeman (9:30-11:15)



    3 - Belgrade Library Community Room  10:00-12:00

    17 - The Springs Bozeman (9:30-11:15)



    2 - TBD

    16 - The Springs Bozeman (9:30-11:15)



    6 - TBD

    20 - The Springs Bozeman (9:30-11:15)



     4 - TBD

    18 - The Springs Bozeman (9:30-11:15)



    1 - if needed



BELGRADE LIBRARY 106 N. Broadway Community room is upstairs in the children’s section

THE SPRINGS  2632 Catron St., Bozeman  


Jeanette Hughes  406-570-7368

Phyllis Lewis  307-4312079




*This project is NOW FULL and is no longer taking new enrollments.


Our next Leathercraft project meeting will be on Saturday, January 20th at 1pm-4pm at the Extension Office. 


I would encourage everyone to do a little research on potential leathercraft projects in the meantime. Leathercraft covers an enormous array of potential projects including tooled, carved and uncarved projects. I really want everyone to think about what they would like to learn, look through the project book and then let me know what their desires are.


First year leathercraft students and even second year students should stay with leather project kits, unless they want to go into garments. During class we will mostly be learning the basics, if you student wants to do something beyond this for fair please let me know.  With 26 registered for the project I need some guidance. We will cover stamping, some basic carving, maybe some advanced carving, lacing, stitching, finishing.  Parents of younger kiddos it would be great if you could occasionally stay to see if I will need help during the workshops/meetings since it is such a big class.  I will be also leaning on level two students to help as well.  I also have other helpers, but their availability may be sporadic.


If anyone is wanting to do some learning on their own, you can go through the project book and do some activities.  There are also tons of really good YouTube videos out there that are designed to help anyone; the ones I recommend are by Tandy Leather, Weaver Leather, or Jim Linnell specifically.  Remember, if you watch any videos on leather, take some notes on what you learned and this will count as one of your 7 activities that you have to do for fair. You need to include title, what you learned, date and then have your parent sign off on it.


If you have any questions, or concerns please reach out to me via email or call at 406-579-0431 and I will help you in any way I can.

PHOTOGRAPHY  **new leader this year!


The photography project has a new meeting spot for our project meetings: Penta Machine Company (119A Gold Miner Ln. in Belgrade). We'll be meeting there on the third Tuesday of each month. It's a great meeting space offered by the parents of one of our members. It's going to work beautifully for us.


Our next project meeting will be Tuesday, January 16, 5:30 – 7:30pm at Penta Machine Co. Details for our January Photo walk will be sent out later.


Thank you to Bozeman Camera for helping us get new lens caps for our project equipment and a set of lens-cleaning brushes to share!


Project members were asked to choose a word and take a series of pictures that reflected their interpretation of that word. These are some of their submissions!


Frost on the fence – Emma Baeth

B&W Riding Double - Dakota Woodring

Speckled Hen – Bridger Noonan

Unicorn – Ruby Hertel

Golden Eyed Bunny – Lydia Black

Lydia – Heidi Hutchison

Questions? Contact new leader Tamara Knappenberger at tkknappenberger@yahoo.com


Happy New Year 2024! We hope all our poultry project members had a good holiday season.  Thank you to those who came to help us celebrate the holidays during our December meeting.  For our December meeting we had a fun Christmas party with making ornaments, playing games, eating lots of holiday treats and cracking a pinata! The project members also did some community service for the Gallatin Valley Foodbank and LOVE Inc.  Thanks to our members and families the poultry project donated over 50 pounds of food items to the foodbank and two boxes of personal care items for the LOVE Inc. care pantry!! Our members also made Christmas cards that were given to the residents at the Gallatin Rest Home during our party. 


Next up is our REQUIRED market poultry workshop which will be held on January 11, 2024 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Fairgrounds Exhibit Building 3.  If you are participating in the market part of the project, you need to attend this workshop.  We will be doing over the expectations of the project and the raising of the market animals. This includes the steps from feeding to marketing and then to processing. **Reminder that you must have been enrolled in the poultry market project by January 1, 2024 to sale your market animals at fair.  If you are not in the market part of the poultry project, you do not need to attend this workshop but are welcome to come if you would like to learn more about this process. 


If you are planning to sell a market animal at the county fair this summer, please review and sign the MANDATORY 2023-2024 Gallatin County Livestock Contract. This contract explains the workshop requirements, animal possession deadlines, expectations and other important information.This contract is due by the order deadline, March 15th, for the Poultry Project.


Sign Contract Here:



Upcoming workshop dates: February 8, 2024 / March 14, 2024 and April 11, 2024. Also, if you are wanting to participate in the market portion of the poultry project, the deadline to register for the market part of the project is January 1, 2024. 


NEW THIS YEAR: The poultry project will also be using a different email address (poultrygallatin@gmail.com) to send out our monthly reminders and information from the project.  Please mark this email address safe in your email box to avoid information delays. 


Shawna Oostema: 406-580-7819, fcclashawna@hotmail.com       

Judy Brownell: onebar4@aol.com 

Judy Neiminen: 406-599-0639; lneiminen@gmail.com 

RABBIT  **new leader this year!


Our next Rabbit Project meeting will be Thursday, January 18th from 6pm-8pm in Exhibit Building #1 at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds! 


If you are planning to exhibit a rabbit at the county fair this summer, please review and sign the MANDATORY 2023-2024 Gallatin County Livestock Contract. This contract explains the workshop requirements, animal possession deadlines, expectations and other important information.This contract is due by the possession date, 2 weeks before show, for the Rabbit Project.


Sign Contract Here:



Our rabbit committee is small this year. If you would like to join in keeping this program the best it can be, please let me know.



Monica Samson 406-399-1866 samsonwm98@gmail.com 

Cody Brownell 406-209-4183 

This project is NOW FULL and is no longer taking new enrollments.


For the sake of flexibility for you and to improve the instructor - member ratio, I'm adding a second section Wednesday nights. Both sections will have all the same material, so just pick whichever works best with your schedule. Both meetings are in Norm Asbjornson Hall, but the rooms are different.

Wednesdays: Norm Asbjornson Hall, Room 325, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Thursdays: Norm Asbjornson Hall, Room 321, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM


In January meetings will be the 10th/11th and the 24th/25th.



Questions? Contact new leader Joey Knappenberger

(406) 600-2542



This year, I'd like to support beginning  and intermediate students with their projects. In order to assist at each level, we'll start with the beginning students November-January and then bring in all members to work together on more intermediate skills from February-June. 


We'll meet the second Wednesday of each month at my sewing studio, 2015 Lea Ave in Bozeman.  You do not need your own machine, but it is helpful. The next meeting will be January 10 from 5-7pm. 


November-January - Sewing level 1 members only

February-June - all levels


Looking forward to seeing you there! If you can't make these meetings but would still like help with sewing, just reach out to me. I'd love to support your sewing skills.


Laura Fisher

RevivALL Clothing





Hello sheep members! We are excited to get this project started for the year!!

Our first meeting will be January 10th at 6pm at the Extension Office and we will let you know as soon as we finalize that date. Make sure you are all enrolled and fees are paid so we can make sure all sheep members get the important emails. 


New members please reach out to one of the leaders we would like to help get you started and answer any questions:

              Ruth Carr - 406-539-4337 kennellr@gmail

              Kim Flikkema - 406-599-1486 kimflikkema@gmail

              Jodilynn Kelley - 512-663-5569 jkelley@bridgerorthopedic

              Jodi Smith - 406-580-2984 kjsmithhouse@yahoo


If you are planning to exhibit/sell an animal at the county fair this summer, please review and sign the MANDATORY 2023-2024 Gallatin County Livestock Contract. This contract explains the workshop requirements, animal possession deadlines, expectations and other important information.This contract is due by the possession date, May 5th, for the Sheep Project.


Sign Contract Here:



To be eligible to enroll in 4-H Shooting Sports the 4-H member must be 9 by October 1st of 2023.


The following items must be completed and submitted to the discipline leaders before the participant may shoot. 

  1. Shooting Sports Fee - $40/discipline
    1. Payment is due upon registering in ZSuite.
  2. The following forms must be completed and signed by the shooter and the parent or guardian of the shooter. Complete these forms via DocuSign here: DocuSign
    1. Medical Form
    2. Informed Consent Form


There will be mandatory parent meetings for each shooting sports discipline. Please see the schedule for location and time for each discipline. 


Volunteers needed:

Gallatin County 4-H Shooting Sports is in desperate need of adults to become certified leaders in the different disciplines that are offered in 4-H Shooting.  We need assistance in all shooting disciplines.  For us to provide a safe and educational experience, we need your help.  Please consider becoming a leader.  More information on leader trainings will be made available as it is received. Please plan to attend.  For more information, please contact Scott Francis – 406-581-6845.


Questions: Contact the following leaders

Archery – Randy Radke – 406-539-4903

Air Rifle/Pistol – Lee Nelson – 406-579-0612, Bill Ott – 406-209-2599

Smallbore – Tom Everett – 406-570-8878, Scott Francis – 406-581-6845

Shotgun, Hunting & Wildlife – Scott Francis – 406-581-6845

Muzzle-loading – Bill Ott – 406-209-2599, Scott Francis – 406-581-6845

Western Heritage – Todd Kesner – 406-451-1207   



4-H Archery Families and archers


Enjoy the holidays, we are taking a short break from shooting and will return on January 7th during your normal shooting times.  No Archery December 24th or 31st.


Archers start thinking of your goals.  Both goals for the day and your long term goals for the archery season.  We’ll be talking more about this in January


It is the beginning of Shooting tournaments.  These are totally optional and do require travel around the state. These tournaments will be sent via email. I encourage Archers to try to attend at least one tournament prior to the State shoot, but again this is optional.  You can borrow club  bows and arrows for the tournaments if needed.


Enjoy the holidays and as the old joke goes…See you next year.



Archery Schedule:










1/23/2024 (Tuesday)

Record books (at 4-H office)









Fair Shoot



Fair Shoot



Fair Shoot


3/1 -3/3/2024

State Shoot



Awards and Fun Shoot


Please show up about 15 minutes before your selected time and then you'll be ready to take the line at the top of the hour. 


Parent Volunteers:

Currently Mike Prester and Randy Radke are your 4-H Archery leaders.

We are looking for parents to help volunteer with:

  • Shooting and running the line
  • 4-H record books and general help
  • Organizing/Planning and running the state archery shoot the first weekend of March.

Randy Radke and Mike Prester are the current co-archery leaders - questions contact: gv4harchery@gmail.com



The venue for air rifle and air pistol is located at 123 Doe Road in Belgrade. For more information contact Bill Ott – 209-2599 or Lee Nelson – 579-0612.



The day for shooting will be selected by the shooters and parents during the county-wide parent meeting.  Greenway range is located at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds, 901 North Black in Bozeman.  Shooters must be 10 years of age by October 1, 2023, to participate.  The number of smallbore shooters will be capped at 25.  The returning shooters will be given priority.  It is a pre-requisite that the shooters have 1 year of Shooting Sports Experience.  We will then establish a waiting list.  For more information contact Scott Francis – 581-6845 or Tom Everett – 570-8878.



I hope that you all are having a wonderful Christmas with friends and family.  There will be an organizational and safety meeting for Shotgun on Sunday, January 7, 2024 at 1:00 pm at the East Clubhouse at Manhattan Wildlife Association.  We will get the shooters organized into their groups and go through the safety protocol for the program.  Please make sure that you have filled out your Informed consent and medical form.  If you would bring them to the meeting on the 7th, that would be great.  We look forward to working with your kids.  Thank you for sharing them with us.   If your child is participating in Archery, please let us know and we will get them in the first squad moving forward.  Thank you and we look forward to a great season.


Happy New Year.  Looking forward to seeing you on the 7th.


For more information contact Scott Francis – 581-6845.

Muzzle-loading Project:


Start date will be determined later in the shooting season. The Hunting & Wildlife Project will be determined later in the year.  Please check the newsletter for days and times.  It is recommended but not required that the participants be 12 years of age and have been in Hunter’s Education.  Contact Scott Francis – 581-6845 for more information.



Hi Swine Families! We have started planning for another great year in the Swine Project. We recently sent an email - attached to it will be our Welcome Letter for the year. Please read through it but here are some common  FAQs & additional information to get you started : 


📃 Am I on your list? If you are receiving our emails you are on our list for the 2024 project. Thank you for registering on time, as it helps us in planning. If you have additional email addresses you want on our distribution list, please reply to our last email. 


📅 When are the Swine Project Meetings? We do not meet regularly (same-day-each-month-type schedule) We will offer many opportunities for the youth to meet the 3-workshop requirements between now and June (typically 12-15 workshops are offered). Our Committee is finalizing the workshops soon and will issue an entire list so you can better plan your project. As a preview, we're currently planning a Project Orientation Meeting on Wednesday, January 17th at 6:30pm. For this, we ask that new members (1st or 2nd year) plus one parent / helper attend if possible. It is an opportunity to learn about the project requirements, some of the lingo and meet all members of the Swine Committee. We will also invite older Senior Members to speak and introduce themselves at this meeting so SAVE THE DATE.


 What should we be doing right now to get ready? 

⬜ Go by the Extension Office and pay your invoice to become fully registered in 4-H & pickup your Project Workbooks (if you're new or moving to the next level) as well as your Record Books. 

⬜ Like Reminders via text? Register your cell phone (and any Members) for our Remind page (we recently disabled the 2023 Remind so you must re-register for 2024) https://www.remind.com/join/d2k7d7h OR Text @d2k7d7h to 81010 and reply once with your name.

⬜ EACH Member is asked to sign a Swine Project Contract. It's a good thing to review with your members to be sure they understand the commitment. We have it setup for e-sign again this year!


Sign Swine Project Contract here



⬜ EACH Member will also sign a Market Livestock Contract. It is an electronic contract that covers the Market Livestock Projects, not specific to Swine. Please return this at your earliest convenience. This will also be due April 16th, 2024. 


If you are planning to exhibit/sell an animal at the county fair this summer, please review and sign the MANDATORY 2023-2024 Gallatin County Livestock Contract. This contract explains the workshop requirements, animal possession deadlines, expectations and other important information.This contract is due by the possession date, April 16th, for the Swine Project.


Sign Market Livestock Contract Here:



⬜ Look around for a source for your pigs, discuss your budget for purchasing, and make plans for building / improving your pen and shelter for your pigs in the spring. We've also attached the COOL Source Form that will help you decipher some of the information you'll need to gather when acquiring your pigs. LOTS more info to come on getting your project kicked off if you're new...but most pigs are born late December/January 1st and ready for their new homes mid-March/early-April. They will weigh 50-100 pounds at this point and in the following 90 days+, you'll raise them to be 220-290lbs. 


💰 How can we help the Swine Project as a whole? 

Fundraising! We've identified additional repairs to the Swine Barn, needs for expanding to accommodate our growing project including acquiring a respectable project scale for use by all. For all of this, we would LOVE for you and your family to sign up for a MSU Football Playoff Game and/or Concert/Basketball Game Concessions spot (yes you've received several emails about this to-date). It's a great fundraiser and it empowers the kids to contribute/help (mom and dad aren't just cutting checks); it's indoors and warm; AND there is no prep for members, parents or us leaders: you just show up for the times listed and funds are transferred through the 4-H Office. Please sign up to help and you can meet some of your fellow Swine Families! Fundraising: Winter/Spring 4-H Fundraising Opportunities (signupgenius.com) 



Let us know if you have any questions or need more information at this time.

We look forward to reaching out again soon!

The 2024 Swine Committee


Questions? Contact the Swine Committee at gallatinswineproject@gmail.com 

VET SCIENCE   **new leaders this year!

Watch your email for meeting updates!

Molly Yurdana, 4-H Extension Agent  molly.yurdana@montana.edu
Colyn Wiening, 4-H Assistant gallatin4h@montana.edu
Kari Ballenger, Extension Administrative Assistant gallatin@montana.edu

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Montana State University and the Montana State University Extension prohibit discrimination in all of their programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital and family status. Issued in furtherance of cooperative extension work in agriculture and home economics, acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Cody Stone, Director of Extension, Montana State University, Bozeman, MT 59717. 
To request disability accommodation or to inform us of special needs, please contact the Extension Office at 406-582-3280  five (5) working days before the event.


Molly Yurdana
Gallatin County MSU Extension
4-H Youth Development Agent

(406) 582-3284 | molly.yurdana@montana.edu | https://www.montana.edu/extension/gallatin/                                                                                                                  back to top

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